GOP Sen. Collins: Trump Should ‘Step Back’ and Make Fauci the Spokesman

During a press conference on Friday, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) criticized the federal government’s response to the coronavirus and the “inconsistent” messaging from the federal government. She called on President Trump “to step back and appoint one of our public health officials to be the spokesman” and suggested Dr. Anthony Fauci serve as the spokesperson and give daily briefings on the virus.

Collins said, “We are making progress at the federal level, but I am not satisfied with the response. I think that the messaging at the federal level has been inconsistent. And when you’re dealing with a novel virus like this, it’s very important that health professionals be out front, and that there be a consistent message. We also, in some parts of the country, are experiencing shortages of tests.”

She added, “I would like the president to step back and appoint one of our public health officials to be the spokesman as we go through dealing with this novel virus. My suggestion would be that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been around for decades, is such a well-regarded infectious disease specialist, has dealt with everything from AIDS to the Zika virus and H1N1 flu be the public face for the federal government. I believe he should give a briefing at the same time each day to update the American people and to also make sure that the messaging is consistent.”

(h/t Portland Press Herald)

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