MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Fox News Is a ‘Genuine Public Health Threat’ Amid Pandemic

Wednesday on MSNBC, “All In,” host Chris Hayes said the commentary on Fox News is a “genuine public health threat” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hayes said, “President Trump has genuine medical epidemiologist experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci help guide him through this pandemic to the extent he’s capable and has self-appointed experts of Trump TV and the president’s council of tv advisors he pays very close attention to. They are coalescing around the idea the whole thing is just overblown, and we need to pump everyone full of the malaria drug and get them back to work. This is what you heard if you watched Trump TV just last night.”

In a montage of Fox News clips, Tucker Carlson said, “Any discussion on how to transition out of the shutdown back into normal life for some reason has become taboo in this country.”

Laura Ingraham said, “Given the fact that the death rate for COVID-19 may end up being only slightly worse than a very tough flu season, we want answers.”
Brit Hume asked, “Is it really true that the reason that we’re beginning to think that we’re turning a corner is because we all did what the doctors said we should do or is it because the disease turned out to not be quite as dangerous as we thought?”

Hayes said, “The disease not as dangerous as we thought? It’s got a 3.4 percent fatality rate here in the U.S. Ten percent in Italy — that we know of. More than 14,000 Americans have died from this disease in the last few weeks. More people are dying from it every day in New York than died total on any day in New York on a normal day, but sure, not a big deal.”

He added, “From the beginning of this outbreak, Fox News posed a genuine public health threat but first downplaying the severity of the disease and rushing to say it’s all over. People have been trying to convince their loved ones not to listen to the dangerously false information in order for their loved ones to stay safe.”

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