Watch: LAPD Officer Kneels with Protesters, Protesters Follow Curfew

On Monday, an LAPD officer took a knee with protesters in West Hollywood and the protesters peacefully respected the curfew.

The officer told the crowd, “If I take a knee with you guys, will you give me your verbal acknowledgment that this is a peaceful matter?”

The crowd cheered in response.

After the officer took a knee to more cheers from the crowd, he stated, “We stand together.”

He then told the crowd if they peacefully returned to where they came from “with the same honor you came here, I will give you my commitment and honor that you will not see police officers in front of you. Fair enough?”

The crowd once again cheered in response.

According to further reporting from ABC7 reporter and anchor Veronica Miracle, “They made a promise with an LAPD officer to respect the curfew if he took a knee. Both sides kept their promise.” And “everyone went home peacefully.”

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