Waters: Trump Dog-Whistles So Supporters Know ‘He’s About the Power of Whites’

Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America 3,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump had been “dog-whistling throughout his tenure” to tell his supporters that “he’s about the power of whites.”

Reporter T. J. Holmes asked, “The president of the United States tweeted not too long ago, a video you could hear someone say “white power.” He said he didn’t know that was the case. He took it down. Also, just recently, he sent out another message saying that Black Lives Matter, that message being painted on 5th Avenue here in New York, he called it hate speech. I was hoping to get your reaction to the president referring to that as hate speech.”

Waters replied, “Not only have we seen him dog-whistling throughout his tenure here as the president, whenever he has an opportunity to push it a little bit further the way he did where he had some of his supporters at The Villages, at that golf course who were saying ‘white power.'”

“He re-tweeted because he wanted to go out, not only to those people who support him even trying to solicit more, to try to have them understand he’s about the power of whites,” she continued. “He’s about making sure they understand that they’re supposed to rule, and they will subject us to anything that they think is necessary to keep us down.”

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