Biden Campaign’s Jean-Pierre: No Extra Debates — Trump Campaign ‘Trying to Move the Goal Post’

Monday on MSNBC, Biden campaign senior adviser Karine Jean-Pierre argued that the Trump campaign was “trying to move the goal post” by calling for more presidential debates.

Anchor Ayman Mohyeldin said, “Let me get your final thoughts on something the Trump 2020 campaign has been saying. And if they want more debates, Bill Stepien saying they want more debates starting soon, pointed out the first debate is scheduled for September 29. By that time, 16 states will have already been voting. What is your thought about that? Do you want to see more debates, or does the Biden campaign want to see more debates?”

Jean-Pierre said, “Well, the Biden campaign has been very clear, crystal clear on this, is that we have said yes to doing three debates, and one vice presidential debate as it has been laid out by the nonpartisan debate commission. A debate commission that has been around, and other campaigns have followed for generations. Every campaign has followed this for generations. And that is where we have agreed to do. Look what is happening is Donald Trump and his campaign are trying to move the goal post. But Joe Biden has said, from time and time again — first time he was asked a question and the couple times after, he’s ready to take on Donald Trump. We will be there. He will be there ready to go. And so the question is, will Donald Trump be?”

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