Trump: Democrats Don’t Know How to Unite

In a Monday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump previewed the upcoming Democratic National Convention, where it is expected that former Vice President Joe Biden will secure the party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

With the Democratic Party shifting further to the left, Trump said he does not see Democrats uniting at the convention around Biden because “they don’t know how to unite.”

“The Democratic Party has a lot of moving parts with a lot of people pulling it in different directions right now. The big question is, can they unite around Joe Biden whose got to be everything to everybody,” host Steve Doocy asked after listing off Monday’s convention speakers.

“Well, I know all those people very well. You remember I beat them all last time,” Trump advised. “I beat Clinton. I beat Obama. You know everyone said Obama got into the campaign. I said, so what. I mean, Obama got in so what, and he worked harder for Clinton than she worked for herself. Obama was all over the place. I kept saying you know this guy’s campaigning harder than she is, and but we beat them, and like in Georgia, he spent a lot of time with Michelle and with Oprah in Georgia for their candidate, and I spent mine for Brian as you know, Brian Kemp, and Brian won the primary and he then won the state, but we’ve had many, many successes.”

He added, “Now, these are the same people I beat last time, and they’re not going to unite because they can’t unite. They don’t know how to unite. And also, Bernie is very unhappy, but actually, Biden went further left, and Bernie wanted him to, and Bernie is still unhappy. I mean, you’ll never make this guy happy. I call him Crazy Bernie for a reason. You’ll never make him happy.”

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