MSNBC’s Reid: Biden Was Speaking to White Working-Class Voters Because He Is One

Thursday, during CNN’s coverage of the fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention, network anchor Joy Reid said former Vice President Joe Biden appealed to white working-class voters during his acceptance speech because he is one.

Reid said, “This night, the whole presentation of it I think was directed directly at white working-class voters, which is what he’s not supposed to be able to win. I think that Joe Biden, he learned a very smart lesson from South Carolina. There was a temptation for a moment that after South Carolina Joe Biden could develop the theory that he is the candidate that can deliver Black voters because that’s what happened in South Carolina, but he’s clearly learned that he brought on a running mate who can expand his coalition and energize the Obama coalition, but that his superpower is who he is. He is a white, working-class voter. He is the thing that Donald Trump pretended to be in 2016, the regular Joe. He’s literally called joey throughout all of these videos by his family members. He’s joey. He’s a guy, you know. He is a white, working-class voter. And he came right for Donald Trump’s base tonight.”

She added, “And he’s not theoretically not supposed to be able to win it, but I’m not so sure he can’t draw even a smidgen of it. He need as small number of a percentage of firemen and guys who, as they say, shower after work instead of before work. He just needs a tiny percentage of those to flip side, and he is relentless in being determined that he can.”

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