Trump Supporter Gathers Get Well Messages for POTUS: ‘Get Better, Boss!’

A supporter of President Donald Trump made a poster depicting America with handwritten well wishes for the president at a rally outside of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, where the president was receiving treatment for COVID-19.

Tuli, a Trump supporter, showed Breitbart News her poster with messages written by other well-wishers outside the hospital:

I made this for President Trump and for his family. So we wanted something big so everybody could sign and just a little token of appreciation and how much we loved them. Actually, this is a representation of the country because people from all over, they drove like five days from California to be here, and they signed. And people from different countries [signed], like immigrants. We have pretty much all the planet here. So this is a representation of the country. 

Messages written on the poster included, “God bless you, President Trump,” “Vietnamese For Trump,” “WE LOVE YOU,” “Get Well,” “Teachers 4 Trump,” and “Praying for you.”

Tuli expressed hope that her poster would be received by Trump.

“Hopefully, he can get it,” Tuli stated. “That’s what we want because everybody signed, and everybody put their heart and their love here, so yeah, hopefully, we can find a way that he can have it.”


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