Lee: Big Tech Censorship of NY Post-Biden Exposé a ‘Blatant Display of Favoritism and of Hypocrisy’

Thursday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) ripped social media platforms Twitter and Facebook for how they had handled a New York Post report on alleged wrongdoing by Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The Post report, which came out on Wednesday morning, had been banned from Twitter and Facebook in many instances, with the two claiming the information was obtained illegally. However, Lee pointed out that never stopped the two companies from allowing potentially damaging stories about Trump being posted to their sites.

“It’s certainly a stunning display of hypocrisy and of favoritism. Now look, you’ve got Twitter and Facebook providing alternating explanations for what happened,” he said. “First, they said this is misinformation, so we didn’t want to run with it. Well, of course, they’ve been running with misinformation for years but let’s set that aside for a minute.”

“And then, at least in the case of Twitter, they switched later in the day yesterday to saying well, this wasn’t illegally obtained,” Lee added. “Well, that’s not an explanation, and that’s certainly not a distinction. They’ve printed all sorts of things on Trump that was, itself, illegally obtained. So what we see going on here is a blatant display of favoritism and of hypocrisy among these tech companies, and it’s deeply disturbing.”

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