GOP Sen. Cassidy: Trump ‘in Effect’ Conceded with GSA Move

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said on this week’s broadcast of  “Fox News Sunday” that President Donald Trump has effectively conceded by authorizing the start of the presidential transition.

In a clip from a rally in Georgia on Saturday, Trump said, “They cheated, and they rigged our presidential election, we will still win it. we will still win it.”

Wallace asked, “Does the president’s refusal to accept their election results more than a month afterward, does that damage or democracy, sir?”

Cassidy said, “The president in effect has conceded when he ordered the General Services Administration to begin the transition. So if by damaging or democracy, you mean that the next administration won’t be prepared, that preparation is taking place. Now, if you want to speak about how things are undermined, I think the president — by the way, if there’s fraud, it should be uncovered, but it should be uncovered in a way which a judge agrees. If the president is able to show that, then that’s important. If they can’t show, that’s also important. I’m hoping the American people would look and say proven in a court of law, no, the court of law threw it out and use that to base their faith in how the elections go.”

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