Graham: Those in Charge of Protecting Capitol ‘Failed’ and Allowed ‘Terrorists’ to Take Over

During a press conference on Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that those charged with defending the U.S. Capitol “failed in their duties” by allowing “domestic terrorists” to take over the Capitol.

Graham said, “The first thing that stands out to me is how embarrassed and disgusted I am that the United States Capitol could be taken over by domestic terrorists while we’re in session, transferring power from one president to the other, that a band of people, who are terrorists, not patriots, literally occupied the floor of the House, drove the Senate out of its chamber. And the question for the country is how could that happen 20 years after 9/11?”

He continued, “Sen. Schumer has called for the Sgt. at Arms of the Senate to resign. I echo that. Anyone in charge of defending the Capitol failed in their duties. If they would have been in the military, they would have been relieved of their commands and most likely court-martialed. So, the first thing that has to happen is to hold those accountable for failing to defend the nation’s Capitol while the Congress was in session.”

Graham also called for a joint task force to be created to identify the perpetrators of the riot.

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