MSNBC’s Reid: We Have Gone from Trump’s ‘Indecency,’ ‘Idolatry’ to Biden’s ‘True Religion’

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Wednesday after the inauguration ceremony for President Joe Biden that the country had gone from former President Donald Trump’s “indecency” and “idolatry” to President Joe Biden’s “true religion” of loving our fellow man.

Reid said, “I will say that today I feel like we’ve gone through almost a full character arc of the American story. I mean, we’ve gone from indecency to decency. You know, Joe Biden is a decent man. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are of similar age. They are of the same generation, they are demographically very similar in some ways, even though they didn’t — one was born with a lot of money and one was not. But they are two very, very different men and very, very different versions of the American story, and that is the character arc.”

She continued, “We’ve gone from what can only be called idolatry and false religion almost Baalism under Trump, this worship of greed and this lust for conquest of one American over another, to really what the religion, the true religion is supposed to be, at least when I grew up in church. We heard that in those last two statements, this idea that, you know, whether or not you think it’s realistic, we try to love our fellow man, try to be brothers and sisters, to care about the poor, the immigrant, try to care about those in need. That’s the creed, that is the Christian creed. It’s what it was supposed to be before it was about stealing the children of migrants. Then we’ve gone from sort of Ivanka Trump and the other trump kids sort of acting as if they are a royal family to Amanda Gorman in her braids and her brown skin and standing up there in her 22-year-old black girl’s body representing America. There is an old America, and there is a new America, and the new America and the old America essentially went to war in 2020, physically in the Capitol. New America won because new America got 80 million votes, and old America got 72 million votes. And we’re still basically at war, and you have a new president now who wants to declare peace.”

She added, “God bless Joe Biden. This is truly deeply religious man with incredible compassion, and he’s got a great partner in Kamala Harris.”

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