Schweizer: The ‘Biden Five’ Have ‘Cashed in’ on Joe Biden’s Career

In a Monday interview with FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer revealed there are five members of President Joe Biden’s family that “have cashed in” on the president’s career. This comes in response to reports that Frank Biden, Joe’s brother, was warned for touting his relationship with the president in an ad on Inauguration Day.

Schweizer advised that the “Biden Five” have been cashing in on the Biden name “for 45 years.” He went on to warn it will continue to take place because “they have never been held to account.”

“It smells kind of bad because it is kind of bad,” Schweizer stated. “A lot of people are familiar with the Hunter Biden story. The problem goes much deeper than that. This is a pattern within the Biden family. I call them the ‘Biden Five’ because there are five family members who have cashed in on Joe Biden’s career, and Frank is one of them. Frank may be now saying that he has never used his brother’s name or his connections to his brother to advance his career, but he has admitted in the past that he did so and that it was beneficial. And this is the problem, really.”

He continued, “You know when you are investigating corruption, you are looking for patterns of behavior. And with the Bidens, it’s been a pattern for 45 years. It involves five members of the family, and they really have no incentive to change because they have never been caught. They have never been held to account. So, unfortunately, we can expect more of this, I think, going forward.”

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