Nunes: Impeachment a ‘Circus’ — Democrat House Managers ‘the B-Team,’ ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, criticized the case made by the House Democrats in the U.S. Senate impeachment trial currently underway.

Nunes pointed to where he saw the Democrat House impeachment managers falling short in their case and called them “the B-team.”

“Well, the way, the thing I would look at, Sean, is they just don’t have any evidence,” he said. “They haven’t had any evidence for five years. They corrupted the intelligence agencies. We just did an impeachment a year ago, and, look, the same thing holds true today. There should — we should know exactly how many people entered that Capitol. We should have an idea who was actually breaking the windows. We should actually interview all of those people and say did you talk to Donald Trump? Did you talk to anybody in the White House? I think that’s what Jim is talking about, about having due process. What’s really happening here is that you got the radical left that’s in total control of the government now. They don’t want Donald Trump to win. They don’t — they fear his rallies. They fear that 74.5 million people voted for Donald Trump. That’s what’s really going on here.”

“The rest of America is wondering, why can’t we get the vaccines, for example, in the state of California?” Nunes continued. “Why is Joe Biden promising something that Donald Trump is already doing with a million vaccines a day? So — and then they’re wondering, they’re looking at the circus, what’s happening on Capitol Hill, you went through the hypocrisy of the House impeachment managers. Most of these, this is like ‘the B-team.’ They are most radical. They have said conspiracy things. They are the conspiracy theorists. Jim and I both know. We have to work with them every day for the last many years as they relentless attack Republicans and the president.”

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