Carville: ‘Idiot’ Right Criticized Biden for Being Prepared, Using Notes

Former Clinton adviser James Carville Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” questioned the “idiot” critics who took shots at President Joe Biden for referring to notes at his press conference.

Carville said, “I actually think the president was having fun today. When he took that jab at the former president, and he talked about having been in the Senate for 120 years, I said to myself, it was 115, as I remember it, but I think he was having a good time. There’s this idiot site, The Daily Caller, that criticized him because he was referring to notes. What are you doing? Are you taking a Bar exam? He can refer to notes. That’s the best they could come up with, that he was using notes? I think president Biden was enjoying himself today. I thought he did fine. Better than fine.”

Melber agreed, “I use notes at work every day. When I used to practice law, I used a lot of notes. Is that’s considered a dis?”

He added, “If the Trump smoke is still brewing around Washington, that writing down what you plan to say, because you care about details, facts and preparation, so be it. That’s a funny but fair point.”

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