CNN’s Lemon: Believing in Birtherism ‘National Progression’ into Believing Trump Won

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Tuesday that those who believed former President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii were being led into believing former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

Lemon said, “You remember, I’m sure, covering the Barack Obama running, then-Senator Barack Obama running for president. He was a Muslim, right? He wasn’t born in this country and so on and so forth. In large part, the Tea Party was started because of Barack Obama. John McCain having to tell people, you know, that he was not a Muslim and all of these things with effigies of President Obama or Senator Obama who became president.”

He added, “I think the makings were all happening with the Republican Party. This is a progression. I think it’s been a slow progression in some ways, but Donald Trump certainly accelerated it. I think it was happening even while the former president was still a senator and running for president. This is just a natural progression. If you believe a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump helped to spread about birtherism, then the national progression is especially if you elect him as president, that you’re going to believe other conspiracy theories that if he tells you the election was stolen when there was no evidence that it was stolen you are going to believe it. It’s a natural progression.”

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