Levin: Biden, Military Leaders ‘Promoting the Enemy’ with Critical Race Theory

On Thursday, conservative talk show host Mark Levin delivered a monologue addressing the inclusion of “How to Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi in the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program.

Levin said on FNC’s “Hannity” that the Democratic Party is “seeking to universalize and devour all of those who disagree with it.” He noted critical race theory such as Kendi’s book derives from Marxism and seeks to destroy the existing society.

Partial transcript as follows:

I think the problem here … is the centralization of power and the effort to destroy federalism in this country. And federalism is the glue that keeps the country together because people are mobile. They can move for one state to the other. If you like high taxes, lots of crime and you don’t support property rights, you can move to California or New York.

If you like liberty and low taxes and that sort of thing, you can move to Florida and Tennessee and so forth.

What’s happening is the failing states, the failing ideology, the Democrat Party is seeking to universalize and devour all those who disagree with it. You can see it in their proposals, the centralization of power, the centralization of health care, the centralization of court decisions, open borders, no matter what the states think, and this is obviously quite contrary for the constitutional construct.

I wanted to mention something — you mentioned my book, “American Marxism.” We have the chief of naval operations, his name is Admiral Michael Gilday. And he may have been a great warrior as an admiral. He needs to be fired. He won’t be fired because he’s Joe Biden’s lackey.

But this is a man who is encouraging personnel in the Navy to read one of the most racist books in modern times by this fellow by the name of Kendi. And Kendi isn’t writing about civil liberties and civil rights and real diversity or anything of the sort, people need to understand something — and I want to take a minute here, and when we do the book later in a month or so I want to take a lot of time on it.

Critical race theory is a Marxist-based ideology. It’s not even about race. It’s about destroying the existing society using race, using gender, using the climate, using immigration, whatever it is. It was developed by Marxists in Berlin, some of whom came to the United States, some of whom became tenured professors.

One in particular, he was behind the new left movement in the 1960s and he was behind this movement that’s taking off now.

Critical race theorists reject, listen, Martin Luther King. They believe if you believe in a color-blind society, you are a sellout. You’re part of the white supremacy-dominant society. They reject the 1964 and `65 Civil Rights Acts as half ways measures to cover up for white supremacy. They reject the outcomes of the Civil War. All the advances that have been made, they reject.

So when you see fools out there, fools, whether they are basketball players or professors, whether they’re politicians or the President of United States embracing this ideology, they are rejecting all the advances of the civil rights movement, of the Supreme Court decisions, all the advances in Congress. They are rejecting that which has taken place in this country and they are embracing Marxism.

Now, why am I bringing up the chief of naval operations of our Navy? Admiral Michael Gilday is promoting a book that’s written by Kendi, who is an absolute, out of the closet bigot, in my opinion.

And sue me, pal, because I’ll prove it and I’ll counter-sue you and I’ll get all the proceeds from your damn book.

Now, here’s the thing: this admiral in charge of the Navy is pushing a Marxist ideology. It you want to push a book, Admiral, push this one. That’s the enemy. You’re promoting the enemy in the United States military.

Joe Biden is promoting the enemy throughout the United States government. It is shocking what’s taking place in this country and it’s not just him. And he should be out if he doesn’t even know who the enemy is.

You have an attorney general by the name of Merrick Garland who doesn’t merit being attorney general of the United States. Thank God he didn’t wind up on the United States Supreme Court. They promoted him as a moderate, this judicial figure. He is a radical and he has radicals under him.

The Civil Rights Division is now led by a racist, antisemitic bigot based on her own writings and her own statements. He wants to double her staff so they can sue Republican legislatures, you know, because they want it to be like the Robert Kennedy era where he’s going after the segregated South. That’s what they’re trying to do.

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