Cohen: Prosecutors Have a ‘Multitude of Documents’ That Tie Trump to Everything — ‘His Nine Lives Have Expired’

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen predicted Thursday on CNN “Newsroom” that Manhattan prosecutors investigating the Trump Organization will eventually indict former President Trump because they have a “multitude of documents” that tie him directly to crimes.

Cohen said, “I won’t discuss my conversations with the District Attorney out of respect for the investigation. All I can say is, yes, there are a multitude of documents that are in the possession of prosecutors that tie Donald Trump to everything because everything went through Donald.”

He continued, “I don’t know how many more times I could possibly say the same thing. You know, every single thing, whether it was the acquisition of paperclips, light bulbs, furniture, mattresses, you name it, Allen Weisselberg’s kids’ payments, rent, everything would have a Donald signature on it or his initial, and that included. There are other people at the Trump Organization who additionally received these same sorts of perk benefits that Allen Weisselberg did, including the Chief Operating Officer Matthew Calamari. There are so many people who received these types of benefits. The question is, how did they treat it on their taxes? And why is it that it was done and how is it that it was done and booked by the Trump Organization?”

Cohen added, “You know the expression, the cat has nine lives. I think his nine lives have expired because the documentary evidence that’s in the hands of the prosecutors is so significant and so spot-on that there’s no way anybody’s getting out of it.”

He concluded, “The documents speak for themselves, and there are more than enough people that are capable in testifying to what went on.”

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