WaPo’s Rucker: ‘Rational’ Republicans Who Know Trump Lost Pushing the ‘Big Lie’ for Votes

Washington Post, White House bureau chief Phil Rucker said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that many “rational” Republican candidates who know former President Donald Trump did not win the 2020 presidential election are lying to his supporters by saying Trump won for their votes.

Guest-host Kasie Hunt said, “Your colleagues at the Post took a look at GOP candidates who are running in 2022, and they found that at least a third of those candidates support Donald Trump’s claim that he won the 2020 election. That seems incredibly remarkable to me, but it speaks to some of why the former president might get essentially, that his base doesn’t necessarily care if his company gets into legal trouble or even perhaps if he himself gets into trouble. What does this mean for the country that there are this many candidates who believe this big lie?”

Rucker said, “This is not an ideological question, and it’s not a question about do you believe yes or no about something. It’s a fact, Donald Trump did not win the election. Joe Biden has won the election. It’s been certified and recounted in a number of states, and that’s just a fact.”

He added, “The reality that we’re in now politically in this country is that tens of millions of people out there don’t believe that fact, and they don’t believe it because former President Trump is telling them that it’s not true. And so, it has a corrosive impact on the democracy, but it also means that Republican candidates seeking office in areas or states where Trump maintains broad popularity are feeling the squeeze. They’re feeling pressure to go along with the big lie, even though they are rational people, they know it’s not true, but they’re saying that Trump won the election because they want to win over his supporters.”

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