Mast Blasts Biden Vaccine Mandate, Warns the ‘Massive Government Overreach’ Will Hurt Workforce

During a Tuesday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) slammed President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Mast argued that the “massive government overreach” would not only affect the workforce and military now but also the workforce and military of the future. He also suggested the left is trying to weed out conservatives in government agencies by forcing everyone to get vaccinated.

“It’s not just those that are already in the workforce,” Mast outlined. “I’ve talked about this in terms of the military as well. You have those that are those in the military that if they don’t get vaccinated, they’re going to be shuttled out. Joe Biden wants to shuttle them out on a dishonorable discharge, meaning they’re not going to be able to get a security clearance after the military, go to the FBI or the CIA or local law enforcement, but also, all of those people in West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy or one of the universities that are studying to be a nurse or a doctor — they’re being shuttled out of school as well, which affects the future of the workforce.”

“And I would say this — I don’t think it’s just by chance or accident,” he added. “I think the left is all too happy to certainly take those levels of government and move out what are predominately conservatives self-identifying by saying I’m not going to get this forced government vaccine mandate. That means they get rid of all the conservatives, or maybe not all of them but a huge swath of them, in the State Department, in the Department of Justice, in other agencies because they are just throwing up their hands and saying, ‘No, I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to participate in this massive government overreach, and I’m going to ship out. I’m going to move on,’ and that gives the left the numbers that they want in government.”

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