CNN’s Lemon: ‘Republicans Are the Cancel Culture Queens’

On Thursday, CNN anchor Don Lemon said during “Don Lemon Tonight” that Republicans were the “cancel culture queens.”

Lemon said, “You have to wonder what kind of direction this country is heading with all that lunacy, all that extremism. What kind of country allows the thought police to run riot on holocaust remembrance day? A Tennessee school district banning a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel ‘Maus’ by Art Spiegelman, which tells the story of his Jewish parents in the 1940s in Poland from their early experiences of antisemitism to their treatment in Auschwitz. The novel portrays Jews as mice, as Nazis as cats. But that was apparently too much for the school board.”

He continued, “What kind of country encourages people to snitch on their own neighbors? You have to hold up a mirror to this because it’s really — this is not about being left or right — this is truth. I am speaking facts. This is truth. Everything I’ve said is based in fact. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin encouraging parents to call a tip line to report any school officials teaching so-called divisive subjects. Is this what this country is turning to? Where is the book burning? When does that happen?”

Lemon added, “Talk about cancel culture. Republicans are the cancel culture queens. A country where we snitch on teachers if they don’t like what we teach, a country where we’re afraid to tell the truth about the holocaust. Really? It might make someone feel bad, the truth?”

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