McCarthy: Inflation Continues to Get Worse Because of Democrat Policy

On Wednesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reacted to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell saying inflation was going on in the United States prior to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine.

McCarthy, on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” argued inflation “continues to get worse because of the Democratic policy” in which “they attacked” energy independence.

“It continues to get worse because of the Democratic policy. You had the Fed chair just now admit it is not about Putin. It started when the Democrats had one-party rule in Washington,” McCarthy emphasized. “The first thing they did was spend $2 trillion. They … had the government pay people not to work, raising the price of what it costs for small businesses to survive. Then you watched their action about crime and others building within the streets. You watched what they did when we were energy independent. They attacked. You know, the strength of the country is not just your military — it is whether you have an economy that’s strong. And going after energy actually made us weaker in the process around the world but added to inflation because the thing people don’t quite understand — oil doesn’t just go into your car. It goes into your clothing, into the purchasing of your phone, it goes into the print on a box. So, it raises the prices on everyone.”

“It is every single day the price goes up while these Democrats are in power,” he concluded.

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