Maher: I Hope Musk Fixes ‘Indoctrination’ of Tech Censoring Things Like Lab Leak Theory

During the “Overtime” segment of his “Real Time” show on Friday, Bill Maher said he supports Elon Musk’s Twitter stock purchase and said that he thinks Musk wants to correct things similar to the “outrageous” “indoctrination” of some tech platforms blocking discussion of the coronavirus lab leak theory due to concerns that the theory was racist.

While discussing whether Musk would help former President Donald Trump get back on Twitter, Maher said that bringing Trump back on the site is a difficult issue because “things did get better” without Trump on Twitter, but kicking him off was detrimental to free speech.

He later added that people were banned from discussing “whether coronavirus came from a lab, and it may well have. And even the Biden administration admits that now. We don’t know where coronavirus came from, but there’s no reason to think it couldn’t have emerged from a lab. … And you couldn’t even discuss this. That’s outrageous. I think that’s what Elon Musk wants to fix at Twitter.”

Maher further stated, “I mean, talk about indoctrination, to say that you can’t talk about whether the virus came from a lab because it was in Asia and that’s somehow anti-Asian racism, that’s insane.”

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