John Dean: Hutchinson Testimony Showed Trump’s ‘Criminality’ – Grand Jury Next

John Dean, the ex-White House counsel for Richard Nixon, said on CNN’s coverage of today’s hearing by the House Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021 that the testimony from Mark Meadows’ former aide Cassidy Hutchinson proves former President Donald Trump’s criminality.

Anchor Anderson Cooper said, “I want to get reaction from John Dean because you had tweeted about this hearing that it needs to be a big deal, needs to be a high historical standard, did it?”

Dean said, “It was a big deal. Absolutely. I think she knocked it out of the park. She was a very important witness. We don’t know what all she knows because of the way they focused the hearing. They kind of controlled what her testimony would be based on her prior behind-the-scenes testimony. So I think she’s an important witness.”

Cooper said, “John Dean, I should have asked you, did you hear evidence of criminality today?”

Dean said, “Absolutely did. She was describing in detail situations that lead right to a crime. They were very worried about obstruction. They knew it from the get-go. They talked about it. They debated it. The White House counsel was telling them things were illegal. This just radiates a misbehavior. So I’m sure she’s going to. Her next experience testifying will probably be in front of a grand jury. And that probably will happen pretty soon.”

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