Hawley: Big Corporations ‘Increasingly Anti-America’ – ‘On Board with the Woke Agenda

Thursday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) warned corporations were aligned with the so-called woke agenda, which was making them increasingly “anti-America.”

The Missouri Republican lawmaker said that given big corporations had chosen that path, it was time to end their “sweetheart deals.”

“You know, I just think for a long time, Laura, you had the old Republican establishment, the old DC establishment that said that to the big corporations, all we’re all for that the big corporations can do no wrong,” he said. “And what we found and what you’ve just been talking about is these big corporations, they are increasingly anti-America, they are increasingly on board with the woke agenda. I mean, you look at some of the worst damage that’s been done in terms of forcing a woke agenda on the American people.”

“And it’s actually the big corporations working with big government, and then selling out our workers to China is part and parcel of that,” Hawley continued. “So we’ve got to make clear, we’re not, we’re not in favor of these multilateral corporations, no more special deals for them. No more sweetheart deals. We’re in favor of America. We’re in favor of an America First economic policy and America first foreign policy. And that means doing what’s good for the American worker and also what’s good for, for American values and American principles. And we ought to make that clear in the law.”

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