Stefanik: The Media Are ‘Trying to Divide’ Republicans

House Republican Conference chairwoman Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told “Fox News Sunday” that Democrats and the media were “trying to divide” the GOP.

Anchor Shannon Bream asked, “I’ve talked to some members of the Freedom Caucus who do feel like they’re being taken for granted a bit in this process. What would you say to them and about accusations you guys are divided?”

Stefanik said, “I would say the media is trying to divide us. The Democrats are trying to divide us. We are united as House Republicans, whether it’s the Freedom Caucus, whether it’s the Republican Governance Group or the Republican Study Committee. All members of Congress were able to provide input in this development of ‘The Commitment to America.’ But most importantly, that American people, the constituents, provided input.”

She continued, “The reality is Democrats have no plan when it comes to inflation. They have no plan when it comes to the crime crisis or the border crisis.”

Stefanik added, “These crises have been created by Democrats unifying control of government in Washington. Republicans have a plan. We have legislation on each and every one of these issues, and we can’t wait to get it done starting on day one as we earn back the House majority.”

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