Youngkin: GOP Will Win Midterms Because of Biden – ‘He’s Done a Bad Job’

Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Republicans will win the majorities in both houses of Congress in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Co-host Jonathan Karl asked, “You’re obviously campaigning for members of Congress as well. First order of business, if Republicans take over the House and Senate, how do they work with President Biden?”

Youngkin said, “Well, first, I think they will both have majorities, and I think the statement on Tuesday is going to be pretty clear. And I think there will be a larger majority in the House than people may have thought a few months ago. I think there will be a clear majority in the Senate and this is going to be a wake-up call to President Biden. I hope he answers it because what’s happened over the last two years has caused a lot of problems in America. I hope President Biden sees what Americans will say to him on Tuesday, which is we’re not happy. We need a different agenda and I think that a Republican led House and a Republican led Senate are going to work to deliver on promises made. I hope Joe Biden listens.”

He added, “He’s done a bad job. He really has. He’s done a bad job.”

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