Behar: McCarthy Gave Tucker Carlson Footage of ‘January 6th Erection, Election, Insurrection’

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is giving Fox News host Tucker Carlson access to “footage from the January 6 erection, election, insurrection.”

Behar said, “Less than a week after Tucker Carlson is caught in emails and texts fully admitting that he doesn’t believe the election fraud lies he’s putting on the air, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hands him more than 40,000 hours of Capitol security footage from the January 6 erection, election, insurrection.”

After laughing and covering her mouth, Behar said, “So you get what I’m saying? They go on the air and tell people all these lies that they don’t even believe themself. Now he’s handed all this footage from January 6th to propagandize on Fox. Whatever he wants to say. He is saying to us basically, don’t believe your eyes. Believe what I tell you. Here is specifically is what Tucker says he plans to do with it.”

On Fox News, Tucker Carlson said, “There are about 44,000 hours, and we have, you may have read this today, been granted access to that. Some of our smartest producers have been there looking at this stuff and trying to figure what it means and how it contradicts or not the story we’ve been told for more than two years. We think already in some ways it does contradict that story.”

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