Behar: If Trump Is Not Indicted We ‘Won’t Have a Country’

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “The View” that she believes if former President Donald Trump is not indicted, we will not have a country.

Behar said, “Indictments against Trump could reportedly happen at any time now. For those keeping score, here’s speed round of investigations he’s facing. In Georgia, he is being investigated for election interference for pressuring state officials to find more votes. Remember, ‘I just find want to find 11,780 votes,’ remember that. In Florida, the DOJ just subpoenaed dozens of Mar-a-Lago employees over his hoarding of classified documents. Here in New York State, the Manhattan DA could indict him over a hush money payment to porn Star Stormy Daniels.”

She continued, “You can’t get a job in retail if you’re under indictment, yet he’ll be running for president.”

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “The point earlier, that it’s going to embolden him and his supporters, that’s the January 6th point. If you confirm Joe Biden as the legitimate president, all hell is going to break loose. We are going to come out and do that. It’s called thuggery, and it needs to stop, and American people can’t be held hostage by a thug.”

Behar said, “You won’t have a country. If he’s not indicted, you don’t have a country. We won’t have the same country we are used to.”

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