Trump Scolds Nigel Farage for Bringing Up 2020 Election

Donald Trump criticized Brexit leader Nigel Farage, Wednesday during their interview on GB News for bringing up the 2020 election and then accusing the former president of talking about it too much.

Discussing Fox News settling a defamation case with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million, Farage said, “Fox, which has been an incredibly important channel in the States, just paid out a large sum of money.”

Trump said, “It’s incredible that they did that. If you think of what they did, they are a platform. That would mean anybody that goes onto a platform that says something wrong, you’re going to sue the platform? It’s ridiculous why they paid this money. The election was rigged, and Rupert Murdoch should have talked about it.”

After Trump continued to discuss the 2020 election, Farage said, “My point to you is if you’re going to win this next year, in November 2024, you’re not going to win it talking about what happened last time. Haven’t you got to send a positive message?”

Trump said, “But Nigel, you brought it up. You brought this up to me. I didn’t bring it up. You mentioned something, and I said look, it was rigged. And I say that I’ll always say that. It doesn’t mean that out of a one-hour speech, I’m going to devote half of it to that. I might devote 10 seconds to it, but the election was rigged. It was a rigged election. It was a very dishonest election.”

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