Hawley: DOJ Handling of Trump Docs Case a ‘Subversion of the Rule of Law’

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), during an appearance on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” criticized the Department of Justice’s pursuit of former President Donald Trump for his alleged possession of classified documents.

According to the Missouri Republican lawmaker, the approach was a “subversion of the rule of law.”

“Lawyers for former President Trump did meet with special counsel Jack Smith and his team in Washington, D.C. today, regarding that possible federal indictment related to the January 6 investigation and while there is no indictment yet, they did get their distraction, the media did,” host Laura Ingraham said. “It was reported just moments ago that the DOJ added new charges related to Trump’s retention of classified documents. Here now is Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, member of the Judiciary Committee. Senator, it seems like, again, the two-tiered system of justice, Hunter gets an agreement that would give him all this broad immunity. And meanwhile, they just keep piling on Trump from every corner.”

“Now, Laura, we’re down to charging like random people, just throwing those into the indictments,” Hawley replied. “Is it any coincidence that the DOJ rushes to add these new indictments today after the Hunter debacle, after their own self-dealing and two-timing is exposed, after they tried to hide from us the true extent of this plea deal that gets blown up and then it’s like, oh, we got to go indict Trump on something else.”

“I mean, it’s so brazen right now what they’re doing, it is really a subversion of the rule of law,” he continued. “I mean, they’re taking the rule of law, turning it on its head. And Laura, we cannot allow this to stand, the American people are not going to be safe, our rule of — our system of government is not going to be safe if this is going to be the new standard.”

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