Barr: Trump’s Post-Election Conduct Was ‘Reprehensible’ — Indictment Is Not Election Interference

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Friday on FNC’s “The Story” that former President Donald Trump’s behavior after the election was “reprehensible.”

He added that Trump’s January 6 indictment is not election interference.

Barr said, “What I object to is this onslaught of attacks saying it’s you know, an abuse to bring in case, and it’s weaponization, and it’s a crime against humanity and so forth. And I think that’s overkill. I think it’s a legitimate case from a legal standpoint, responding to a very grave misconduct.”

He continued, “I think that there are some considerations here that I would’ve seriously considered not bringing the case.”

Barr added, “And here you are being aggressive against President Trump. I’m not saying it’s improper to bring the case, but I’m saying it’s an aggressive move versus, I think, very lenient treatment of Hunter Biden. And I think that that is very divisive in the country.”

He added, “While this is not interference in the election I don’t agree with that critique.”

Barr concluded, “I don’t like all of these overkill attacks that this was somehow reprehensible to bring it. What was reprehensible was the conduct after the election. And it’s perfectly to be expected that the Department of Justice would approach it the way it would approach something like this, which is under the laws against defrauding the United States and obstructing proceedings.”

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