MSNBC’s Reid: ‘Donald Trump Has Long Suffered from Delusions of Grandeur’

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said “The ReidOut” that former President Donald Trump had “long suffered from delusions of grandeur.”

Reid said, “Donald Trump has long suffered from delusions of grandeur. When it comes to his mounting legal issues, he likes to portray himself as a martyr, a victim of political persecution. Just a few months ago, he was comparing himself to a truly historic figure.”

At a campaign rally on October 23, 2023, Trump said, “I’ll tell you what I don’t mind being  Nelson Mandela because I’m doing it for a reason. I’m doing it for a reason. I’m doing it for a reason. We’ve got to save our country from these fascists, these lunatics we’re dealing with. They’re horrible people.”

Reid said, “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. I could easily go into the countless ways that Trump is nothing like Mandela, but who has the time? And just last night, Trump made yet another inapt comparison.”

Discussing the New York fraud verdict on Fox News, Trump said, “It is a form of Navalny. It is a form of communism or fascism. Navalny was a very sad situation. And he’s very brave. He was a very brave guy… It’s a horrible thing, but it’s happening in our country, too. We are turning into a communist country in many ways.”

Reid said, “What in the gobbledygook? Navalny’s death in a Russian prison was announced last week. He had been imprisoned since his return to Russia in January 2021 after surviving a near-fatal poisoning months earlier. Whatever Trump said makes absolutely no sense.”

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