Katie Couric: Many Trump Voters Motivated by ‘Anti-Intellectualism’

Former CBS ”Evening News” anchor Katie Couric said Sunday on comedian Bill Maher’s podcast “Club Random” that many of former President Donald Trump’s voters were driven by anti-intellectualism.

Couric said, “I’m talking about overall income inequality and even taking race out of it, the huge chasm between the uber, uber, uber wealthy and people who don’t have 400 dollars in and emergency, it has never been such a stark divide.”

She continued, “The socio-economic disparities are a lot and class resentment is a lot and anti-intellectualism and elitism is what is driving many of these anti-establishment, which are Trump voters, or anti establishment voters so, I think that is a huge problem that we have to address. I mean globalization and the transition from an industrial to a technological society. I mean I don’t know if you’ve ever been jealous of someone else or resentful, it is such a corroding and bitter, almost bile feeling. And I think that when people who are really struggling see people who have everything and on top of that are looking down on them it is just a recipe for such anger and grievance.”

Maher quipped, “You would think so. You would think that the eat the rich people would occasionally actually eat the rich.”

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