Marlow on Kudlow: By Holding Back Weapons to Israel ‘Biden Has Blood on His Hands’… ‘This is Impeachable’

Breitbart editor-in-chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow said Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that President Joe Biden announcing he withhold weapons from Israel after Congress appropriated funds for them is impeachable.

Host Larry Kudlow said, “Donald Trump was impeached over not sending money to Ukraine, money that had been authorized by Congress. Now, Trump did a couple months later, but he wanted to make sure it was clear of corruption. He was impeached, and it was a frivolous impeachment. He was not convicted. But with respect to Biden, Biden is essentially saying to congressional appropriators, ‘I’m not going to spend what you guys sent me.’ Now, that is a bigger offense because we don’t know when he ever will, and he’s doing it during wartime. See what I’m saying?”

He added, “This is a breaking of the law. They passed the Supplemental Appropriations Bill and passed National Defense Authorization Bill, both of which gave Israel money and Biden to stopping it. You can’t just willy-nilly say Congress, I’m not doing what you told me to do.”

Marlow said, “Yeah, this is impeachment by the Democrat’s own standards. They tried to impeach Trump for allegedly doing the same stuff. This is clear as day, Congress has already appropriated this money and Democrats are now saying, Joe Biden is now saying we’re not giving to Israel.”

He added, “Larry, look what is going to happen now. What is going to happen now is Israel is going to have to send soldiers in on the ground and they’re going to die. There’s blood on the hands of Joe Biden for this move. It is impeachable. Most importantly, he promised to be an ironclad ally of Israel and now what we are seeing is he’s reneged on that. This is a massive lie and a broken promise. I think it is It’s going to be politically devastating for Joe Biden.”

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