Carville: Only 50% Chance Presidential Debates Happen

Democratic strategist James Carville said Monday on MSNBC’s “Inside” that there was only a 50% chance the presidential debates happen.

Host Jen Psaki said, “What you think Biden needs to do in this debate?”

Carville said, “He needs to hit this abortion issue home. That is the first thing he should do. I’m not going to point to the Supreme Court. I’m not going to complain about the Supreme Court operating under the same ethics rules. The one issue I would kick hard. I wonder why it is not being kicked hard, is this billion dollar donation on the right to energy policies in the United States. He has outsourced energy policies. I cannot think of two better issues. I would just go after him on those two things really, really hard.”

Psaki said, “He has agreed to two. I’m a little skeptical that it could happen because Trump is a liar. Do you think Biden should agree to more debates, or is two plenty for the season?”

He added, “I am with you. I don’t think it is much better than 50/50 that he shows up on June 27. I mean, it was a good talking point but the way Trump’s mind works, all I’m going to do is help him. Why risk it? I don’t know, you prepare but I share your skepticism.”

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