Carville: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Will Hurt Trump More than Biden

Democratic strategist James Carville said Monday on MSNBC’s “Inside” that presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will take votes from former President Donald Trump.

Host Jen Psaki said, “Let me ask you about RFK Jr. because this is like another question that comes up a lot as you are talking to people. He will not be on the first debate stage. You told my colleague Ari Melber, you think he might hurt Trump more than Biden. That is what the NBC polls say too for people who are anxious out there, given how much he is getting in the polls. Should the Biden supporters be anxious? Or do you feel less anxious about it now?”

Carville said, “I will put this into this in the River Parishes vernacular. I ain’t stuttering about no RFK. I think RFK is almost sure to hurt Trump more than hurting President Biden. And we shouldn’t be worried about him.”

He added, “The president and the people around him have to focus on abortion issues and focus on this billion dollar promise for donation. They have to focus on Social Security and Medicare. They have golden opportunities. Don’t worry about RFK Jr. He is loonier than a toon.”

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