Adams Dodges on if Biden Is Better than Trump for New York, ‘I’m Looking Forward to the Debate’

On Friday’s broadcast of New York’s 1010 WINS’s “The PM Rush,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) refused to say whether President Joe Biden or 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump would be better for New York and responded to a question on who’s better on immigration by saying that “I don’t think anyone can state mission accomplished at all.”

Host Lane Bajardi asked, “In your opinion, as the Mayor, and as a politician who’s followed this for a long time, whose immigration policies are better for New York City? Joe Biden’s or Donald Trump’s?”

Adams responded, “Well, I don’t think anyone can state mission accomplished at all. I think that we need real, true immigration reform. We need to make sure we monitor the movement at the border, and we need a decompression strategy that allows those who come into the country to also address the needs of the country. Many of our municipalities, they have needs of workers, their populations have dropped. I think that we can turn this into a positive if it’s properly implemented. And I’m hoping that both candidates will look at how to get it right. But Republicans have made it clear, they blocked real, true immigration reform. And I think we need to do a better job in handling this.”

Bajardi then asked, “But if you look forward, perhaps, to another Donald Trump existence in the White House, would his policies be better for New York or would Joe Biden’s at that point?”

Adams answered, “I’m looking forward to the debate. I am really pleased with many of the things that the current President has done around public safety, around how do we turn around our economy. And I’m looking forward to both missions and visions, specifically on the migrant[s] and asylum seekers. So, I’ll be sitting down on my couch with my popcorn like other Americans and hearing those visions.”

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