Woman Gets 15 Years for Fatally Stabbing Her Husband During Foreplay

Jennifer Lynn Via Photo: Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility
Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility

A West Virginia woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison after she admitted that she fatally stabbed her husband using a 14-inch knife during sexual foreplay.

“My husband and I liked to fight and have sex and then make up, if that’s the right way to say that,” she said. “He wasn’t supposed to get hurt, but it did happen.”

The judge sentenced Jennifer Lynn Via, 49, to 15 years in prison on Monday to a charge of voluntary manslaughter related to the 2017 death of her then-husband Thomas Via, 49, when he died from a stab wound to the heart.

Police were called to the residence around 8 p.m. November 17 when they discovered Via’s husband, Thomas, had a dagger in his back.

The Herald-Dispatch reported that he was rushed to a local hospital and pronounced dead there because the incision piercing his heart caused internal bleeding.

Police arrested Jennifer Via, who had been married to Thomas for 16 years, on a charge of murder.

Authorities initially charged Via with first-degree murder because of the inconsistencies in her testimony before the court, including one tale where she said he husband fell onto the dagger after slipping on some water.

There is a possibility that Via’s sentencing may be reduced when she is due back in court in August.


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