Kudlow at RNC: Joe Biden ‘Wants to Raise Taxes? That’s Crazy’

Joe Biden and His Mask

Larry Kudlow, one of President Donald Trump’s main economic advisers, told the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Tuesday night that Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes as the economy emerged from the coronavirus pandemic was “crazy.”

Kudlow, who is the Director of the National Economic Council, talked about how President Trump had delivered “the greatest economy our country had ever seen” before the coronavirus hit.

He went on to describe the president’s efforts to fight the pandemic, and help the economy:

[W]e’re Americans. We’re fighters. And so is our president. He went straight to work to not only protect our safety and our health — but to preserve our jobs and our livelihoods.

He sent direct cash payments to Americans in need, and protected them from eviction.

He delivered historic Paycheck Protection to small businesses so they could keep our workers employed.

He delivered a payroll tax deferral that essentially gave a pay raise to 140 million working Americans.

He delivered student loan deferral.

And he delivered unemployment relief to strengthen our safety net.

Even when the Democrats refused to come to the table — President Trump delivered.

Kudlow then said:

Biden is backing over $3 trillion in tax hikes. You’re coming out of a pandemic, and he wants to raise taxes? That’s crazy.

They want to ramp up the job-killing regulations. They want to decimate the American energy renaissance that we’ve experienced these last four years. And it will crater our economy.

You see, it’s not the personalities that concern me, it’s the policies. Joe Biden has pledged to transform America into a government-run, socialized economy, the likes of which has never succeeded in human history.

The contrast could not be more clear.

President Trump: tax cuts, deregulation, fair trade, American energy revival — a splendid, fast-growing economy.

Why would you want to unwind that? Why would you want to overturn that? Why would you want to transform that? I don’t want to transform it, I want to continue with a second round of economic rebuilding.

Kudlow’s remarks followed a series of personal testimonials by small business owners — the formerly “forgotten men and women” — who spoke about the way President Trump had helped them by cutting taxes and removing regulations.

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