Poll: 77 Percent of Americans Believe Bidenflation is Impacting Their Holiday Season  

The price of gas is seen as traffic moves through Annapolis, MD, on November 23, 2021. - W

Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe inflation is impacting their holiday season, according to Tuesday’s Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

While a majority of Americans blame President Joe Biden for the inflation stifling their holiday season, only 18 percent believe “Biden is doing enough to address it.”

The poll also shows overall eight in ten Americans are impacted by the price increase of everyday goods. Thirty-seven percent say its hurting them “a great deal” and 40 percent say  “some.”

More specifically, six in ten Americans believe they are suffering from “shortages of goods and services.” Seventeen percent say the shortages are impacting them “a great deal” and 44 percent say “some.”

The poll additionally found a majority or 51 percent of Americans are “worried” they “won’t be able to afford what they need during the holidays due to inflation.” Another 45 percent are “worried” they “won’t be able to get what they need” because of food shortages.

The polling comes as companies are raising costs on consumers. On Tuesday Dollar Tree announced they were increasing their prices by 25 percent. Reports also indicate General Mills is raising their prices by 20 percent.

Dollar Tree and General Mills are not the only companies struggling with Bidenflation. Whole sectors are experiencing price increases due to inflation. Retail prices have increased, home prices have risen, food costs have skyrocketed, and energy prices have escalated.

Meanwhile, wages for the American worker have shrunk. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated in November weekly earnings fell 1.4 percent.

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