Gas Prices Reach Record High for 17th Consecutive Day

A customer holds a fuel nozzle at a gas station in San Francisco, California, US, on Thursday, June 9, 2022. Stratospheric Fuel prices have broken records for at least seven days with the average cost of fuel per gallon hitting $4.96 as of June 8, according to the American Automobile …
David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Gas prices on Tuesday reached a record high for the seventeenth consecutive day, AAA data shows.

Soaring to nearly $5.02, gas prices have increased by over 55 cents in one month and more than doubled since former President Donald Trump left the White House.

President Biden has blamed the price hikes on the Ukrainian war. But data from GasBuddy shows gas prices were already well above $3.30 before Russia invaded Ukraine:

Biden’s energy policies have contributed to the pain at the pump. Biden’s war on American energy includes driving up private and public financing costs of oil drilling, halting drilling on public lands, and canceling the Keystone pipeline.

Biden has made good on his 2020 campaign promise to wage war on American energy:

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), Americans will pay $450 more for gas in 2022 than they did last year on an inflation-adjusted basis.

With the midterm elections underway, Democrats have tried to direct Americans’ focus away from the high prices and toward their partisan January 6 committee. Americans are far more interested in the price of gas than the Democrats focus on the January 6 committee, according to the Republican National Committee’s snapshot of Google Trends:

Polling shows 40-year-high inflation and record-high gas prices will impact the midterm elections far more decisively than January 6. Only 50 percent of voters said January 6 would impact their vote in the midterms. Eighty percent said the same about inflation, and 74 percent said the same about gas prices.

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