GOP Leaders Promise to Exclude Illegal Migrants from American Jobs

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GOP leaders are collectively urging Republican candidates to show voters that a Republican majority will protect their wages by requiring all employers to exclude illegal migrants from jobs.

“Republicans have a clear plan to secure our border: Combat illegal immigration by requiring proof of legal status when applying for a job,” said a leadership campaign document, which was sent to Republican candidates in early August by the House’s GOP leadership team.

Until recently, “the campaign message for most Republicans on immigration has been centered on “Biden is bad, our border is being overrun!” said R.J. Hauman, the head of government relations at the Federation for American Immigration Reform. He continued:

This is true and voters agree. But [Republicans] have to tell us what their plan is besides getting elected. That’s what they’re doing here and we’re thrilled to see it. Mandatory E-verify. No taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens, and ending catch and release are absolutely essential [for candidates] to stress on the [campaign] trail.

E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows employers to quickly verify that prospective employees are legal at no cost in time or cash to the employers.

The campaign document is titled “The Republican Commitment to A Nation That’s Safe.” The leading paragraph says:

Record illegal border crossings under the Biden administration have led to more illegal drugs and overdoses, more crime, and a demoralized Border Patrol who are demonized by the left and prohibited from carrying out their law enforcement mission. The crisis at the border has become a national security and humanitarian crisis and must be addressed.

The document also includes other important commitments by a Republican majority to curb illegal migration, such as restoring the Remain in Mexico program and ending the “catch and release” policies that allow illegal migrants into U.S. jobs and housing via various border loopholes.

“But it can’t stop there,” Hauman told Breitbart News.

“Republicans will have to protect American workers, impeach [border chief Alejandro] Mayorkas, conduct aggressive oversight, and leverage the appropriations process,” he said, adding, “We’re confident that they will.”

Immigrants wait to board a U.S. Border Patrol bus to be taken for processing after crossing the border from Mexico, while standing amid a shadow cast by the U.S.-Mexico border barrier, on May 19, 2022, in Yuma, Arizona. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The campaign document echoes the GOP leaders’ July agenda of migration-related measures that they promised to push through the House.

The agenda titled “House Republicans: We Must Secure the Southern Border,” includes a to-do list for the House’s border security and judiciary committees.

The judiciary section promises useful legislation that would require E-Verify and much else:

Require implementation of an MPP that ends the Biden administration’s lax border enforcement and restores order at the Southern border.

End Catch and Release. Fix the Flores settlement to enable DHS to keep children and their parents together while their immigration cases are pending.

Strengthen the Asylum Process. Change asylum laws to protect legitimate claims and prevent fraudulent claims, strengthen the asylum process, and ensure that those seeking asylum apply in a safe country through which they traveled instead of waiting to apply in the U.S.

End the Disparate Treatment of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs). Reform the removal process for non-trafficked, UACs from noncontiguous countries, to ensure consistency and eliminate a dangerous pull factor while deterring trafficking and smuggling of UACs.

Fund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Reject the Democrats’ “abolish ICE” policies by fully funding ICE enforcement and removal operations, including detention bedspace, criminal investigations, and drug trafficking mitigation efforts

Ensure Employers Use E-Verify. Protect U.S. jobs for Americans and legal immigrants, by ensuring U.S. employers use the E-Verify system to confirm that their employees are eligible to work in the United States.
End Abuse of Parole Authority. Ensure that Secretary Mayorkas can no longer abuse Congressionallyprovided parole authority to create mass avenues for immigration that do not exist in law.

Prevent Benefits Abuse. Ensure that illegal aliens are not enrolled in taxpayer-funded welfare programs like Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security.

Increase Penalties for Visa Overstays.

The matching agenda for the homeland security committee includes an empty promise to fund a border wall that President Joe Biden’s deputies cannot be forced to implement, plus a trivial commitment to clear some vegetation along the Rio Grande river:

Clear the Carrizo Cane and Salt Cedar. These invasive species along the Rio Grande River impede CBP’s activities along the border. The non-native plant is also an obstacle for first responders and should be eradicated.

The GOP agenda matches the consensus report drafted in May by pro-American migration reform groups.

Many Republican candidates try to avoid the pocketbook pitches on immigration that get attention from voters for fear they could irritate donors.

But in July, former President Donald Trump touted a list of detailed immigration policy promises, Breitbart News reported:

… the next GOP president must reimplement “Remain in Mexico, our Safe Third agreements, asylum restrictions, enhanced rapid deportation initiatives, our surge of military resources, and much more,” adding that these should be “permanently installed.”

Moreover, he called for funding to bring about “the largest-ever increase in the number of new ICE officers” … [and said] historic personnel increases must be implemented to remove those who overstay their visas. Additionally, he outlined the need for a financial penalty and bond system so that individuals who overstay their visas suffer “significant financial consequences.”

“Democrats have an open borders agenda,” said Hauman. “Republicans now have a secure borders agenda, it’s time for the American people to decide.”


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