WATCH: Missouri Teacher Surprises Students After Military Deployment

Students at a Missouri Catholic school received the ultimate surprise during their annual teacher versus student volleyball game, when one of their teachers deployed in the military for a year made his return to school.

Kids lined the basketball court waiting to see eighth graders take on faculty members at All Saints Academy St. Norbert, but what they were not expecting was the ringer on the teachers’ team, according to a video of the surprise.

“I love the energy that comes with that age group,” Koehler told KMOV. “They are so much fun.”

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Koehler returned from a ten-month deployment to Africa with the U.S. Navy Reserve. He is a middle school science teacher and is eager to get back in the classroom.

“I view what I do in both realms in the Navy and here as a service,” Koehler told KTVI. “In a lot of ways, this is more meaningful because of how I’m touching lives.”

With all the cheers that filled the room when Koehler walked in, he got a well-deserved welcome home. He was bombarded with high-fives and hugs from all the students in the gym.

Koehler is expected to be teaching in the classroom as soon as next week and will finish out the rest of the school year.


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