Exclusive — CRT Is a ‘No-Win Situation’: Fairfax County Parents Speak Out

Madeleine Hubbard / Breitbart News

Parents and concerned citizens gathered at Luther Jackson Middle School Thursday evening to protest for and against Fairfax County Public Schools teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The Stop CRT Rally’s flyer explained, “It’s not about race or equity, it’s about a Communist Radical Takeover of America!” Counter-protesters came to support CRT and the LGBT agenda.

Harry Jackson has three children in Fairfax county public schools. He came to speak at the Stop CRT Rally. “If you are white and you are anti-CRT, that does not make you a racist,” Jackson told Breitbart News. “They are exploiting white fragility. Nobody wants to be called a racist. If you feel hurt being called a racist, it means one thing. You’re a good person. You’re not a racist.”

“CRT is not the answer to deal with racism in this country,” Jackson continued. “It will only perpetuate racism, and it is a mechanism used to justify racism. Not only that, but it’s used to dumb down the education curriculum for our kids in the name of reducing the achievement gap. It’s used to pull down the top rather instead of raising the bottom up. I believe we should be raising kids, have them meet their full potential, and not pulling them down to limit them. We should be removing barriers.”

Rebekah Koffler was born in the Soviet Union and moved to the United States more than 30 years ago. Her two children used to attend Fairfax county public schools. Even though she and her husband are Jewish, they now send their children to private Catholic school because they disagree with what the public schools are teaching. She said, “I have firsthand experience of the Marxist Ideology, which is at the root of CRT.”

“What is taught right now to our children is very dangerous,” Koffler said. “I was completely outraged and horrified at what the public school system was teaching. I felt like my children were indoctrinated the way that I was indoctrinated in the Soviet Union.”

Self-proclaimed former conservative Jay Eubanks said he came to support his son and the “Fairfax county principles to teach science, to teach inclusion.” He told Breitbart News, “if you believe in local accountability, the school district’s decision is based on what the local community wants and it’s fair. So if you’re for local governments in your school system, this should be an issue that you’re for. Local communities should decide what they want to do and how they want to see things.”

“The last five years, the last four years, should open our eyes to the division. Many people should see what is wrong, look at the lessons from World War II. We were on that path.” Eubanks said CRT is not racist and “we need to have these national discussions” on diversity.

Jackson believes there are better ways to address racism in the nation than CRT. He told Breitbart News, “Racism, it does exist in the country. There’s other ways to deal with it,” he noted. “But just to assume that if someone, for example, I’ll bring up Ibram Kendi’s book. He assumes that if someone is white that they’re racist. And if someone white says they’re not racist, that they’re racist.”

“It’s a no-win situation. It’s only going to bring further divisions,” Jackson said. “Not only that, but it also gives the wrong message to students of color. It says that the system’s against you. It doesn’t encourage you to persevere. It gives you the excuse of victimhood mentality to say, ‘the system’s against you, so why try?’ And that is not a message that I think is appropriate to say to children either.”

“The real problem with this system, with this ideology, is that it discriminates not only based on one’s proximity to race, but it also has an underlying discrimination based off of one’s religion as well because it does attack Christians as well. That cannot be lost here. And I don’t think the American People are going to let that stand either,” Jackson said.

Breitbart News reported Friday how Jackson also said, “We should not be using tax dollars to support this (CRT) ideology. That’s toxic. That’s creating divisions based on race within the community. It has no place.”

Last month, Fairfax County Public Schools stirred up controversy after a school board member urged students at graduation to remember their “Jihad.”


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