Beware the Earth Day Scam

I am sure you have received e-mails from scam artists around the world telling you that they have something of value they want to bring to the United States. If you would just be so kind as to help them your life will be improved too! If you have fallen victim to one of these scams you know that you got nothing and some of your money ended up in a foreign country.

Today the granddaddy of all financial scams will be launched again. It is known as “Earth Day.” Do not fall for this scam! This con game may seem like a new idea, but it’s been around since the seventies, just like Mr. Obama’s “new” idea about saving the country by building some light rail. This scam seems to pop up every Spring in one form or another. This scam has also been circulated under the names; “Global Warming,” “Climate Change,” “The Green Movement,” and “Ecology.” Recent variations have used the names “Carbon Credits” and “Cap and Trade.”

Over the years the “Earth Day” scam had warned its victims that failure to act would bring about various evil ends like, a new Ice Age, over population, famine, drought, burning skies, rising oceans and death to animals and children. None of this has ever happened but these dire consequences make the scam seem more plausible. The “Earth” grifters know that fear can make normally sensible people fall for their scam.

They promise rewards for those who participate. Clean air and water are just a few dollars away! We have so much, is it horrible to share? Those who get drawn in forget that we already have the world’s best water supply and excellent air quality. They say pitching in for the “green cause” will help your kids but the result for falling for this will be a lot of your money ending up either in foreign countries or under government control.

The scam pretends to be based on science but a close examination shows that is not true.

Unlike other Internet scams the group that tends to fall for this scam most often are the young and well educated. Beware of this scam! It has powerful friends. Do not attend the rallies for this scam which may be promoted by seemingly legitimate agencies like television news outlets or newspapers and magazines that have fallen victim to the scam and are now under its influence.

If you receive an e-mail under one of the titles mentioned above please do not open this document! Delete it from your computer and take your kids fishing!


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