Elitist Enviro-Hypocrisy: Harrison Ford's Cheeseburger Runs


This was the most dispiriting PSA ever. Watching Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan and Han Solo have his chest waxed for rain forest awareness was like catching your dad dressed in your mom’s clothes.

There just isn’t enough therapy.

And now we discover Ford’s just another elitist Hollywood hypocrite whose concern over “the tons of carbon” the rest of us emit into the atmosphere doesn’t apply to him.

Mr. Chest Wax likes to jump into one of his many aircraft and fly up the coast …. for a cheeseburger.

Seattle PI:

Environmental activists have blasted Harrison Ford for making “unnecessary” trips by air, following revelations he once made a jet journey to buy a cheeseburger.

The “Indiana Jones” star began flying when he was 52. After receiving his license, he went on to purchase several aircraft, which he keeps at Santa Monica Airport in California.

He recently revealed in an interview the extent of his love for piloting, telling Britain’s Live magazine, “Learning to fly was a work of art. I’m so passionate about flying I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger. Flying is like good music; it elevates the spirit and it’s an exhilarating freedom.”

Harrison, if you’re going to forever shatter our man-chested image of you, couldn’t you have at least done it out of a firm set of principles? And how about you fly up to East L.A. and refund my money for all these DVDs of yours that lost much of their movie star lustre along with your chest hair?

In the last two decades, no movie star has fallen further than Harrison Ford. That appalling Indiana Jones’ sequel might have made money, but it was an embarrassment and since Air Force One way back in 1997, he’s made one awful choice after another. You get the impression that somewhere along the line he decided to stop being Harrison Ford, and now the most sure-fire star of the late 70s through the mid-90s can’t even open a film.

I knew it was over when he became one of those 50-somethings sporting an earring, but I kept hoping for a miracle — for American Graffiti-era Harrison Ford to pop out of a time tunnel and beat some sense into Middle-Aged-Crisis Harrison Ford.

Next thing I know he’s having his chest waxed.


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