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Garofalo: Clarence Thomas 'Has Stockholm Syndrome' But Tea Partiers are Racists


SCENE: Two of the most amusing people in politics sit on a poorly lit set for a fledgling d-list network founded by the man who claims to have invented the Internet (who also has four kids but wants everyone else to keep their knees kissing). They talk about how the tea party is racist — and in the next breath shrug off the political leanings of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as being nothing more than views of a back man too stupid to see that he’s being used by his white masters.

“Explain that one to me now, you have an African American gentlemen married to a white woman who is in cahoots with a group that has a lot of racists in it. Is that Scotkhom Syndrome on his part or what’s going on?”

Olbermann says:

“You can be 100% white and not be racist … you don’t have to be integrated.”

Because he went from an all-white network to an all-white show, he was quick to slip his backside from that sling.


“If it was a white Democrat, you couldn’t get so many Tea Party people so upset whatever it is they’re upset about – showing up armed to town hall meetings,” she said. “By the way, if a black person showed up armed at a town hall meeting where a white politician was speaking, it would be on lockdown martial law and we’d never hear the end of it.”

No, it was the media who went into lockdown mode when an armed, law-abiding conservative black American showed up to a rally exercising his Second Amendment rights — in fact they went beyond lockdown and tried to erase his existence by omitting his race.

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