Palin Said After 'The Undefeated' Ended: 'Man, we're gonna go down fighting!'

Here are a few photos from “The Undefeated” premiere that took place today in Pella, Iowa. All of these photos come courtesy of Politicons. They have many, many more photos and I urge you to visit and scroll. Courtesy of their great work, here’s a taste of what today’s event looked like. According to most reports, over a thousand people attended:

The MSM awaits Governor Palin’s arrival. Yes, the same MSM that spent a month writing articles and spinning the narrative that Palin is now irrelevant. Word is, none of these locusts were invited inside for the screening, but they showed up anyway, probably for the same reason a criminal revisits the scene of his or her crime. These corrupt liars know they’ve spent nearly three years assassinating Palin’s character and lying about her record, and now that a filmmaker has decided to do their jobs for them and tell the truth about one of the most talked about politicians of our time, they just can’t help but rubberneck.


Todd and Governor Sarah Palin arrive. The MSM who consider her irrelevant swarm.


Todd and Sarah work the crowd. In a just world, President Obama would give the Nobel Peace prize he doesn’t deserve to Todd Palin, who deserves it for dignity he shows while the worst people in the world attack his wife and children. Anyone up for a petition?


In the crowd: A father who’s obviously raising his son correctly.


Inside the Pella Opera House where the screening took place.


After the screening there was a barbecue. Todd and Governor Palin attended, mingled, and signed autographs.

Again, please visit Politicons. They not only have a lot more photos but also terrific coverage of the event from beginning to end.

Obviously a major GOP star heading out to Iowa at this time of year rekindles speculation about a presidential run. Courtesy of Real Clear Politics, here are some quotes from the Governor regarding her future and the film itself:

Though she indicated that she is still not close to announcing her decision on whether to run for president, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Tuesday said that she would fully commit to the traditional process leading up to the Iowa caucuses, if she does throw her hat in the ring.

“110 percent,” Palin told RealClearPolitics before entering the premiere of a documentary that extols her accomplishments in office. “Doing as much as I can to garner that support. It’s necessary.” …

As Palin finally made her way to the entrance of the opera house, she greeted [“Undefeated” director Steve] Bannon with a hug.

“I’m very grateful that someone would bother to go to these efforts to make a documentary about the record of my team in Alaska that worked so hard for energy security and ethics reform and privatizing businesses that should never be in government’s hands,” Palin said. “This film really is a great illustration of what it is that you can accomplish as a team, a bipartisan approach, just common-sense solutions to some tough issues. We tackled it, we succeeded, and someone went to the trouble of documenting what it was that we accomplished. I appreciate that, so that brings me to Iowa.”

Don’t ask me what Governor Palin’s ultimate decision will be. It’s anybody’s guess. Her oldest daughter Bristol said last night on “Hannity” that her mother has already made a decision. She just wouldn’t elaborate on what that decision is.

There’s a lot of good people already running for the GOP nomination, most especially Herman Cain and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, but I would love to see Governor Palin throw her hat in the ring. No one better understands that the MSM is the real opponent in 2012 and no one is better prepared — through her own experience and social media savvy — to defeat them. She was also one helluva chief executive of Alaska and happens to be right on almost every issue.

Can I get a … Run Sarah, run!


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