'View' Launches Racial Rant Against Michele Bachmann



With her poll numbers rising and her closing in on the front-runner, it’s time for popular culture to jump in and do their dirty work against Rep. Michele Bachmann. The three boxes are all checked in this segment: racist/stupid/crazy.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this clip is watching Whoopi Goldberg ignore the devastation of the American black family with an oddball defense of single parenthood. The shamelessness of the leftist spin knows no boundaries, but part of the Left”s tactic is to make it seem as though no one on our side can ever be right … about anything. And so in furtherance of that, Bachmann’s signing of a document that (among other things) decries the abomination of slavery and the awful unwed birth-rate in the black community, is spun into some kind of negative racial pose on the Congresswoman’s part.

It’s all about creating a narrative, not truth.


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